Orange Force Marine is a capable marine service company that provides flexible, reliable, efficient vessels & equipment, combining professional crew, highly experienced management and excellent service delivery, resulting in our ability to safely, efficiently & cost effectively deliver on our client’s marine requirements.

Orange Force Marine’s motto is “Excellence at Sea” and our team, vessel and services will echo this statement.

Hydrographic and Bathymetric Survey

Charters in support of multi-beam, sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar and underwater imagery

Marine Scientific Research and Ocean Technology

Support to Aquatic, Fisheries, Environmental, Scientific or Technology Research & Development.  Orange Force Marine offers a charter vessel for various research institutions, organizations and businesses in both Canada and the United States.  Our vessels can also be used as a platform to conduct research and testing of marine technology.

Marine Training

Orange Force Marine provides Bridge Watchkeeping, Navigation and Seamanship Training for marine schools, programs, business or government organizations.  Also offered is coaching in ship handling, command mentorship and best practices in vessel operations, navigation and voyage planning,

Underwater Operations

Transport and tender of Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) [underwater ops] & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 

Diving Operations

Charter vessel for recreational, commercial and surface supply diving operations

Offshore Energy (Oil & Gas, Wind)

Orange Force Marine supports Offshore Energy through crew and equipment transport to rigs, transport and tender of commercial divers for inspections & servicing, survey and ROV/Diver inspection of underwater infrastructure, hydrographic survey and sub-bottom profiling for new development and drilling, as an Environmental Response standby / authorized response contractor.

Marine Salvage

Orange Force Marine can provide expert responders, resources, vessels and equipment to marine incidents requiring salvage services.

Environmental Response

Orange Force Marine’s vessel can provide an Incident Command platform, rapid transport of containerized materials & responders to spill incident, transport of specialized clean-up equipment, processing & transport of recovered spill materials to shore, provide crew for ER specialized vessels and services, and deploy boats or spill response booms as required.

Support to Government Agencies

Specialized exercise, training or operational support to armed forces, search & rescue (SAR) or law enforcement.

Marine Consulting, Operations and Project Management

Consulting on Marine Security, Surveillance & Interdiction, Marine Project Management & Coordination and Harbour & Vessel Operations.  Vessel Delivery services (with experienced crew) are also available.

Light, Specialized or Dangerous Cargo Transport

Sea transport of bulky items, 10ft / 20ft sea containers, dangerous goods or sensitive equipment as deck cargo.

Specialized or Private Charter

Unique, specialized, private or recreational charters are also available.  Contact us to discuss your unique needs!

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