The development of "Orange Force Marine" has come from a number of elements that have been prevalent not only throughout history, but also in the experiences and expertise of the company’s management.

The colour of Orange is world renowned as the colour of “safety” and is widely used in the marine environment for high visibility to differentiate an object from the vast consistency of the sea.  This colour is extensively used in the Search and Rescue realm and is congruent with our operational experiences and background.  Through the use of this colour in our business name, in our logo and on our vessels, we aim to have Orange Force Marine differentiated and distinct from others in the marine industry as a “safe”, reliable and efficient way to ensure success in marine operations


The “Orange Force” of World War II worked to train and develop the skill sets of operational units to improve their chances of success in actual combat.  The “Orange Force” was a highly skilled and experienced team that worked with other professionals to ensure readiness and high performance in operations. Their training courses and exercises helped to improve effectiveness and minimize losses.

The role of the “Orange Force” in marine operations is congruent with our management team’s experiences in Training and Readiness and aligns with the company’s mandate for improving mariner skill sets through onboard training and operations in real life conditions at sea.  Orange Force Marine engages and works with our clients to bring about the very best in their marine operations to ensure “Excellence at Sea.”